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asian-culture-shop is the largest & best traditional costumes, dancewear, accessories and artworks company. It stands for a world-wide outstanding conception of traditional craftsmanship. It works with many famous brands, museums, agencies, schools, operas and film companies. From the exquisite and elegant cultural items, the quality we are dedicated to provide for the customers are unique.
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We lave been making Chinese high quality cultural items for over eighty years. Su Xiling ( 1910 --1998) established Nanguang Store in Shanghai in 1930. And it has gone through ages and moving forward by painstaking efforts and great faith. In 1999, Mr.Su's nephew established asian-culture-shop which has become the leading Internet source for people to get Chinese and Asian costumes, dancewear, accessories and artworks.

Top Quality Handmade Items

Largest choice of original high quality Chinese cultural items are hand-made by top traditional tailors and artists. Our offices are located in Peking, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Nanking, Tibet, Shanghai, Yiwu city, etc.. And we can make the best traditional costumes, Chinese and Asian costumes.

High Customer Satisfaction

By emphasizing high quality handicrafts, user-friendly interface and the widest selection of traditional costumes and cultural items, asian-culture-shop is highly ranked by the customers. Today, we continue our efforts to bring the best traditional costumes to friends all over the world!




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